Belgium: Top 10 Summer Activities

Belgium's summer delights. Top activities, from vibrant festivals to outdoor adventures, capturing the spirit European charm.

Ah, summer in Belgium – where the sun shines, the waffles sizzle, and the good times roll like a perfectly poured beer. Grab your sunscreen and let’s dive into the top 10 summer activities that will have you saying, “Brussels sprouts who? I’m here for the sunshine and smiles!”

1. Frites Olympics: The Ultimate Fry-athlon

Trade your winter coat for a bib and join the Frites Olympics! From precision mayo dipping to speed-eating ketchup-slathered fries, this is the summer sport we’ve all been waiting for. Bonus points for mastering the art of eating with a tiny fork.

2. Canal Paddle-Boating in Bruges: Venetian Vibes with a Belgian Twist

Who needs Venice when you can paddle your way through the dreamy canals of Bruges? Gather your crew, channel your inner gondolier, and prepare for a paddle-boating adventure that’s equal parts elegant and comical.

3. Waffle Topping Extravaganza: More Toppings, Less Regrets

Waffles are the unofficial currency of Belgium, and summer is the perfect time to up your waffle game. Create a waffle topping masterpiece, whether it’s a mountain of whipped cream or a cascade of fresh fruit. Just remember, a waffle without toppings is like a joke without a punchline – it’s missing the best part.

4. Bike Riding Beer Tour: Cycling to Hydration Success

Burn off those waffle calories with a bike riding beer tour. Explore the scenic countryside, visit local breweries, and convince yourself that the more you pedal, the more calories you’re burning (it’s science, right?).

5. Chocolate Diving in Brussels: Sweet Splashdowns

Turn the streets of Brussels into your own chocolatey oasis. Dive into the city’s renowned chocolate shops, sampling pralines and truffles like you’re training for a cocoa marathon. Remember, antioxidants are good for the soul.

6. Sandcastle Showdown on the Belgian Coast: Kingdom of the Sea(diments)

Head to the sandy shores of the Belgian coast and unleash your inner architect in a sandcastle showdown. Pro tip: Decorate your masterpiece with tiny frites flags for that extra Belgian touch.

7. Hopscotch Hops Festival: Bouncing to a Beer Beat

Join the locals in the Hopscotch Hops Festival, where you can combine the classic game with Belgium’s love for hops. Bounce from one craft beer tent to the next, because who says you can’t hopscotch your way to beer enlightenment?

8. Surrealism Selfie Safari in Antwerp: Art Meets Absurdity

Get surreal in Antwerp by embarking on a selfie safari inspired by the city’s artistic heritage. Pose with statues, mimic famous paintings, and embrace the absurdity. The more bizarre, the better – just like a Magritte masterpiece.

9. Waterside Wandering in Ghent: A Canal of Curiosities

Explore the charming city of Ghent by strolling along its picturesque canals. Take breaks at waterside cafes, feed the swans, and pretend you’re in your own Belgian fairy tale. Bonus points if you discover a hidden waffle treasure along the way.

10. Beer Garden Olympics: Unleash Your Inner Athlete (With a Pint in Hand)

Cap off your Belgian summer adventure with the Beer Garden Olympics. Test your skills in beer pong, pretzel toss, and stein-hoisting competitions. Gold medal or not, you’ll feel like a champion with a cold Belgian brew in hand.

Summer in Belgium isn’t just a season; it’s a state of mind. So, pack your quirkiest sunglasses, embrace the Belgian sunshine, and let the good times roll like a waffle down a syrupy slope. Cheers to a summer of laughter, adventure, and maybe just a little bit more chocolate than necessary!

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